Maple University OPEN Beta is now Underway!

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Maple University OPEN Beta is now Underway!

Post by Turtle on Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:51 pm

Anyone can join now, yet they must send their ID and Password that they wish to use to log into Maple University!

All you have to do is PM me the ID and Password you want.
Then you may have to wait 24hrs due to time zone. But I'll PM you back when you've been accepted.

We are still looking for Donors. And I am working on a Donor system.
They will be a donor map, and donor awards. We are only looking for only a VPS system ^w^ And extra money goes for Forum.

If we do get a VPS system, we will be able to be up 24/7
Our own site
Gtop account
Sounds fun right?

What are you waiting for GOGOGOGO!


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