Revenge of Alishar Guide and Rules

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Revenge of Alishar Guide and Rules Empty Revenge of Alishar Guide and Rules

Post by Porkchoppz on Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:16 am

Event Information of: Revenge of Alishar
Due to I may have to repeat this many times. I am putting this on forums. This will include tips, rules, concept/goal, and rewards.

Mobs that are in event:
(Weak) Alishar
(Boss) Alishar
Platoon(?) Chronos
Master Chronos

Concept: The main point is to kill all of the enemies that are spawning under the 7 min. If mobs are still alive after the clock hits “0:00”. It will be consider as a “fail” and Alishar will NOT spawn. Notice that mobs will stop spawning at 1 minute or less. When Alishar spawns, it will take some time as of the rule below making it much more difficult. Once Alishar is defeated the player that hit the hardest will be able to get the key or a party member. They will trade it to me in return for a price listed also below.

NO equips allow ONLY your weapon in this way decreasing your stats.
Event will be available only when 3 people or more participate.
You are allowed to use poison fog, smoke screen, and flame gear.
You are NOT allowed to use heaven hammer. It will possibly ruin the whole event.
Your stats can be anything as long as its your base stats + weapon only.
You may NOT use All-Cure-Potions. (You would instead have to depend on your bishop if you have 1.)

At the 1st minute, Chronos will spawn which have approximately 4,000,000 healths and gives 1000 exp + the rate exp of the server.

At the 2nd and 3rd minute, Thanatos and Platoon(?) Chronos will spawn which Chronos have approximately 9,999,999 healths and gives 3,500 exp + the rate of the exp server. While this, Thanatos has 3,200,000 hp and give 1 exp + rate of the server. Notice that Thanatos may give less exp but it’s EXTREMELY annoying. I suggest have a Bishop to cancel the spam curse it gives. Also it should be the priority to kill first before anything goes wrong.

At the 4th,5th, and 6th minute, Master Platoon and Alishar (weak) will spawn. Master platoon health is 15,000,000 and has 5000 exp + rate of exp of the server. While Alishar (weak) has health of 4,500,000 and has 1250 exp + rate of exp of the server. Notice that Alishar (weak) is another STRONG suggestion to destroy since it will keep summoning mobs making it very difficult to get a success on the 1st stage. I suggest a great AOE class to settle this.

Reward of the person getting the key: (Randomize)
Selection choice of v97 chair (uncommon) 30% chance
20 Envelope (common) 51% chance
1 balance fury (rare) 15% chance
Kawaii Shoes (supah rare) 3% chance
GM skills (Nearly Impossible) 1% chance
Reward of the people participate: (This includes the person who got the key.)
The exp from Mobs of course and that’s pretty much it. (Lol)

Warning: One of the rules broken may lead to ending the event.

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