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Post by Porkchoppz on Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:07 pm

Synthesis Guide:
Psst, struggling to get rare items? Well in this case not anymore! Formulas if specific and non-specific items will help you get valuable items. Notice that events are one easy way to get rare items. BUT synthesis is a great manual way for people like you who hate event. (Although, people like you should be extremely grateful for Turtle giving out very easy events to get Rare Items.)

Formula: Base Percent 20% (Although Friday is 30%) + Event Trophy (1 Event trophy is 5% bonus) + Cooking Level (One level is 1% bonus) + Rarity of each item (Normal is no bonus, blue is 2% bonus, purple is 3% bonus, and yellow is 5% bonus) + Turtle’s tagged item is 10% bonus + Pork Sided is 5% bonus. An example will be provided if necessary in-game. Note that you may only use a maximum of 4 event trophies. If you have everything maxed out of all requirements, the biggest percentage you can get is exactly 85% chance.

Synthetic items: Basically ANY item can be synthesizing during this process. Even with a precise formula, the formula still may not work. There is NO accurate bonuses in this very day.
As of now, it is not possible to buy formulas for synthesis.

Please message in-game or on the forums about your comments about this or suggestions.

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