Class days of University.

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Class days of University. Empty Class days of University.

Post by Porkchoppz on Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:32 pm

Days of Maple University:

Struggling on knowing the classes in the University? No need to worry! With this chart on dates, it will be a cinch to know what days will truly benefit you.

Sunday (Physical Education): Work that 8-bit character because events that are 2x more chance for v97 chairs.

Monday (Recess): A time to relax, no effects happening during this day.

Tuesday (Geometry): Looking on precise measurements? On this day there is a bonus on blacksmithing completion and successes. Also Handicraft will get a bonus also.

Wednesday (Life Science): Time to study nature and… TURTLES! During this day the Turtles of the Turtle Academy has advantage against Pork Academy. They will receive 2x House Points for any good deed while the Pork Academy’s penalty has been double. Watch Out Pigs!

Thursday (Anatomy): Were going to study the bones of animals. When we mean studying we meant to see if it’s a beef bone or a chicken bone. That’s right, this day is Pork Academy’s advantage against the Turtle Academy. We oinkers can receive 2x House Points for any good deed while Turtles will hide in there shell trying to avoid the 2x penalty they will receive today.

Friday (Alchemy): Knowing the elements is important, Stats Transportation and Synthesis will gain a bonus.

Saturday (Art): Creativity, what’s a school without art? Tailoring will gain a bonus on completion and success rate this day, and the art of war will perform at 10 AM (PST)- 6 PM (PST).

Any Comments or Suggestions. Please Whisper Porkchoppz.

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