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Post by Porkchoppz on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:15 pm

Stats Transportation:
Too many stats being build up? No fear! Stats Transportation can do the trick! With this statistic, you’re able to stack up the stats of items into one. For example: You got Spectrum Goggles with 150 all stats and ANOTHER spectrum goggles with 100 all stats. You can combine them to make 250 all stats although there is some consequence and some difficulties when doing it.

Consequence: If you have two of the same item, one of them with stats WILL disappear. If you have two different items, it becomes random of which item will be destroyed.

Difficulties: The higher stats the two items is, the lower the success rate and higher the destroy rate. For example: You have the two same spectrum goggles from the previous example, you fail to stats transportation. If you have a regular failure, nothing happens you will ONLY get the “Base Item” back with the same stats. If a “Huge” failure is present, follow the data chart below of this guide. If a “Destroy” failure is present, ALL items will be destroyed.

Awarding: Successfully Stats Transportation will of course, lead to an awesome result. If one of the item is currently on at least the 4th “Upgrading” to start and the upgrading was either massively successful or majorly a failure. Your name will pop-up onto the notice for the sake of embarrassment or gratitude. Getting a massively success can also give your academy some academy points.

Note: Every 50 stats is consider 1 upgrade.

Percentage: Key: 1st upgrade (Friday)/ 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th/9th/10th

Success Rate: 100%(100%)/50%(80%)/40%(50%)/35%(50%)/30%(30%)/25%(30%)/20%(30%)/15%(20%)/15%(20%)/5%(10%)

Destroy Chart if fail: 0%(0%)/10%(0%)/25%(5%)/50%(25%)/50%(40%)/95%(50%)/100%(60%)/100%(60%)/100%(80%)/100%(90%)

House Points Chart: 0/0/0/1/5/10/20/30/45/50
Cost: 100 Envelopes per try. 90 Envelopes on Friday.

Note Any Comments or Suggestions on forums or Whisp Porkchoppz.

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