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Post by Porkchoppz on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:37 am

Handicraft: (Available to Oinkers only.)
Ahh… This is another one of the other essential skill to help tailoring, herbalism, blacksmithing, etc. Unlike tailoring and blacksmithing, handicraft is quite cheap and very easy. Blacksmithing and Handicraft depends on this for their hammer, and gloves.

Advantage: Can actually make a huge profit with Turtles since it’s an Oinkers only skill. The higher rank cooking, the higher the counts (durability) of equips are. They don’t depend on anything except maybe there own skills.

Disadvantage: Like tailor, they get their own materials unless someone is willing to. There’s nothing completely special about handicraft although don’t take it that way, it’s useful in many ways also.

Base of the Item + Event trophy (5%) each + Cooking Level (1% per level) = Success Rate
Item Table Chart: Level Cooking 1-3 (Tuesday)/4-10/11-15/16-19/20-24/25

Hammer: 1 Steel Plate and 50 Firewoods
10 Count: 50%(70%)/60%(80%)/70%(90)/80%(99%)/90%(99%)/100%(100%)
20 Count: 25%(50%)/35%(65%)/45%(80%)/55%(95%)/75%(100%)/90%(100%)
30 Count: 10%(15%)/15%(25%)/25%(30%)/45%(50%)/55%(60%)/70%(80%)

Tailor Gloves: 1 Tough Leather and 50 Leather
10 Count: 35%(45%)/45%(50%)/55%(65%)/65%(75%)/75%(85%)/90%(100%)
20 Count: 10%(15%)/20%(25%)/30%(25%)/32%(37%)/35%(40%)/50%(60%)
30 Count: 0%(5%)/5%(25%)/15%(30%)/20%(35%)/30%(45%)/40%(50%)

Herbalism Glove: 1 tough leather and 100 Ginsengs? (More Information in-game by whispering Pork)
1 Try: 0%(0%)/30%(40%)/40%(45%)/50%(50%)/50%(55%)/60%(75%)
1 Try With +1 more min: 0%(0%)/0%(0%)/0%(0%)/0(0%)/40%(45%)/50%(65%)
1 Try With +2 more min: 0%(0%)/0%(0%)/0%(0%)/0(0%)/0%(0%)/50%(60%)

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