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Post by Porkchoppz on Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:04 pm

Project The Boss
Heal! Heal! Buff, buff quickly! Noooooooooo… I died!!!! These are the cries of noobs trying to kill Bob Snail (lol). Ever wonder that boss is not worth it at all for Exp or for Items? Well in this event, bosses like Pap. And Pan. will be worth it. Not only that, we having a HUGE event of the rarest bosses that can’t be summon by a normal player. Pink Bean, 4 heroes of crimson wood, and even the great Horntail! One of the following at the chart will spawn every Friday 6 P.M. or Saturday 3 P.M. Although that’s a sincere time, at weekdays (except Monday) they can spawn anywhere from 4 P.M.-10 P.M. (Note that all these time are consider as PST)

The Table Chart: (Note that this is NOT your decision pick and I WILL NOT be racist during this event as in random selection.) Also the (Common, rare, and supah rare, shows how often it will give out.)

Horntail (Participate)- 1 Horntail necklace (common), or 5 envelopes (rare)
Horntail (The last/highest killer) – 1 Dragon stone (common), or 1 Horntail Chair (Supah rare)

Pink Bean (Participate)- 7 envelopes (common), or 1 Reverse Weapon (Supah rare)
Pink Bean (The last/highest killer)- 1 Timeless weapon/clothing (common), 1 Pinkbean set (Rare) Note: The Pinkbean set DOES include the Pink Bean Chair.

4 Heroes of Crimson Wood (Participate)- 10 envelopes (common), or 1 Mark Narcian (misspell probably, Rare)
4 Heroes of Crimson Wood (The last/highest killer)- 1 crimson weapon (common), or Storm Caster Glove (Supah Rare)

Last note: You will HAVE to be honest of the last or highest exp killer. If not, if I know who you are, I would jail you. If I do not know which 1, I will immediately stop the event.
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