Pork Academy vs Turtle Academy (Coming Soon)

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Pork Academy vs Turtle Academy (Coming Soon) Empty Pork Academy vs Turtle Academy (Coming Soon)

Post by Porkchoppz on Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:04 pm

Pork Academy vs Turtle Academy
PORK PORK! TURTLE TURTLE! We're better! No were better! As you can guess, were having two academies to represent the whole server. Some of you may prefer studying lazy pigs and barn animals. While some of you may prefer to study vicious reptiles like turtles with their hard-core shells. Each player that is going to apply for a University, MUST get a ticket from Porkchoppz, or Turtle. The Porkers will get the Medal that is called “The Pet Lover” while the Turtles get the medal called “Dynamic Hair”.
There will be GPA system which is obtainable of the following:
Winning an event. (5 Points)
True or False Academy version (1 point each correct question)
Participate an event. (1 Point)
Win an auction (any purpose). (3 Points)
Gift of points from a different GM. (Depends) (Like when you do something good and helpful)

There is some ways that you can lose GPA from your academy:
Lack of sportsmanship.
Cheating as in hacking or cheap methods on events.
Low self-esteem on each other.
Show less dignity in front of GMS.
Annoying other pixel beans when they tell you to stop
Caught on other campus without permission
Unnecessary KSing
Taking Advantages of glitches or abusing glitches

Not only that, a punishment from you could lead you getting the “Maple Dreamer Medal”. There are 14 of course meaning you will ONLY get 14 warnings. In this way we can know how infamous you are.
When an academy achieves the highest point of the will receive one of the following:
1 Min of NX Slime.
(Any other suggestions please msg Porkchoppz, or Turtle.)

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